some customeres not shown in trial balance report why

Hi guys i have one question in trial balance report (Financial Management-receivables-reports - trial balance report)

I see some customer not shown meaning (when you open report customer no xx,xxx) not display but when you open customer list you see them how i solve these problem.

the source table for these report customer table no any customization in it

Is there any customization for the report ???

No any customization meaning i don’t write in it any thing hide this customers

This is condition on body section of report



(HideZeroAmounts AND

(PeriodBeginBalance = 0) AND

(PeriodDebitAmt = 0) AND

(PeriodCreditAmt = 0) AND

(YTDBeginBalance = 0) AND

(YTDDebitAmt = 0) AND

(YTDCreditAmt = 0) AND

(YTDTotal = 0)))

Check that may be some of the customer falling in this condition.