Some Chinese Characters can NOT be entered in Ms Dynamics 2009 Classis client

Hi All,

We are a global company and are using Microsoft Dynamics < 10 years. We have setup one database in the Netherlands in 1999 which covers The Netherlands, France, England,Itally,German, Sweden,Zwitserland, Poland, Tjechie, Slovakie and this works great.

8 months ago we have setup the same configuration in the USA. One database which covers Usa,Canada,Mexico, China and Korea.

We are using in the USA.
Microsoft Dynamics 2009 R2 Version W1 6.0 R2 SPIW12.01.00 QM4 (6.00.32012)
World Wide version ENGLISH.
Classic Client (CC)

Sql 2008 collation : Latin1_General_100_cs_as

Navision Database : Collation Tab.
Collation Type : Windows Enabled.
Validate Collation : Disabled
Collation Description : Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, Dutch, English, Faeroese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese
Binary : Disabled
Case-Sensitive : Enabled
Accent-sensitive : Enabled

Workstation to test company China: Windows Server 2008 English
Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Administrative tab
Change the current language for non-Unicode programs to: Chinese Simplified (PRC)
Keyboard settings : CH Chinese (Simplified, PRC)

In Navision contact Card tryiny to enter Chinese characters in text fields (Name, Name2).
Most of the chinese characters are working (cfr image Field Name), but some doesn’t.
e.g. Chinese Dong 东(=east in Chinees) in name 2 field returns ? cfr image Field Name 2
Copy/past Chinese Dong 东 from word 2010 in Navision field name2 works and can be saved/retrieved within Navision,

Does anybody have any idea any workaround (since we cannot wait for Nav 7.0).

If there is no alternative we are thinking setting up a new database for China, does anybody has some experience with this and if so how should the collations been set in Sql 2008 and in Database navision.

Thanks all for your comments.