[SOLVED] Internal error 2 in module 10?

Anybody seen this error? I remember there’s a document with all known errors, does anybody have that doc? I’d like a copy of it.

Internal error 2 in module 10
Errorcode: 655362
Description: #Err_Tab_PlacTooBig (Module_Tab,Err_Fatal(2))

Possibly you try to copy 5 Lines and want to paste them into another table where you have marked 2 lines or something other than nothing or 5 lines.

If there is a fin.dmp in the client folder, please delete it.
If that does not help, please delete the fin.zup

A complete list of the “Internal error x in module y” messages can be downloaded from my Community Site at http://www.msdynamics.de/ftopic1306.html
Note: This is a german site an the document is predominantly in german, but you should be able to read the list nevertheless.

Thank you very much Timo, I appreciate the quick reply [H]

Here’s a list I have


Sweet [:)] thank you Harry.

This one is old, but may get you started …

error messages

yep that list is much better…

Ah that was the one I was looking for that I couldn’t find, thanks David.

Hi Guys,

I received this error quite a few times and everytime I tried to look / delete ZUP and DMP file, but so far never worked for me , only way was to RE-INSTALL the client which is quite annoying.

Has anyone experienced the same thing with this particular error?


Rajesh S

I have updated the error list on the Navision Wiki, please feel free to update if you have more information: