(Solved - Feature) Unable to undo an application in V4 Sp1 - "Bug" or "Feature"?


It’s been a while since last posted here. I have a client (who is running UK4.0 Sp1) who has paid, applied and posted the application for an Invoice for a foreign currency Vendor.

They have then run the ‘Adjust Exchange Rates’ batch job.

They would now like to reverse the posted application, however they now have the error message:

“The latest Transaction No. must be an application in Vendor Ledger Entry No. 151296.”

I have advised the client to tidy things up the ‘old’ way using journals, but I just wanted to get a second opinion as to whether this was a ‘bug’ or a feature of Navision that is intentionally blocking the reversal?

Many thanks in advance!


Basically the way the transaction trail works, its only possible to reverse the last one. So if anything was done to the entries (such as currency adjustment) then it wont let you unapply. Basically you would need to first “undo” the currency adjustment and then undo the application.

Keep in mind that the application is just basically affecting the payable ledger by closing out items. But once you do adjustments, you are making GL entries. So undoing them would be aainst accounting principles. The unapply function deletes the application entries, but obviously thats not possibel with GL entries.

Sorry, I know its not what you wanted to hear, and maybe I am wrong, and there is a way around it.

Thanks David,

I just wanted to make certain that I wasn’t missing something.

Many thanks!

Hi Edward,

no problem.

By the way, community server (the software that Dynamics Users runs on) has a tool for tracking resolved threads. At thetop right is an option field where you select the status, and on the left is a star rating, whihc is faster and easier than going back and editing the subject. More importantly since the flag is stored directly in the SQL database, it can be used in the future for structred queries etc. For example if you look here : http://dynamicsusers.org/forums/3/ShowForum.aspx you can see the topics that are resolved at a glance with the green tick box (I have marked this as Resolved).

Although the field is not yet displayed everywhere, once the database builds up again, we will be able to put it in more places, providing we get the fields ticked.

ANyway great to see you back again.