Solutions for cutting profiles/tubes

I’m am looking for a solution/add on to manage profiles/tubes in Navision. We buy these profiles in lengths of 6 or 9 meters. We sell them in every possible length. I cannot handle rest lenghts and waste in standard Navision, unless I would create a new item for every cutted lenght. That’s not what I want. Inventory should list the uncutted lenghts, as well as the cutted ones, and waste should be of influence on inventory value (preferably). Besides direct sale, the material can also be used in production orders. So I should also be able to cut lenghts in production orders. Any suggestions?

We had something similar. We had to create the items for every length as they wanted to the inventory to be both available in the “raw” lengths as well as some of the “finished” lengths. [:(!] We added some additional fields through the item workflow to make their job easier.

Try contacting cedilla at: email: web : Im fairly certain that their product (called METalchemist) handles all the situations described above. Hope this helps. [:D] Regards, edd

Hi Michiel, We had a similiar client, who had the similier kind of requirement, They sell plastic sheets and rods and if the buyer wants the sheet in pieces, they will sell them as pieces by using Width, length and Thinkness of the sheet. This is a customisation to Navision. they use the same item with different size dimensions (Width, Length, Thichness). We customise them by creating three new fields in the “Item Varinat” table called width, Length and Thickness. Then same fields were created in the documents (e.t. sales line, purchase line etc). this is a highly complex situation, where you have to modify lot of places in Navision including documents, postings etc., This way you need not to create a saperate Item per order, but you can use the same item and just put the Size dimensions in the sales order and post them through your ledger entries. you can manage you inventory by size dimension as well. Hope this will help. If you need more on this modification, I can give you more details. Naveen Jain

Thank you for your input guys! I will examine your solutions further.