Solution to print doc to PDF and email

I’m looking for a solution to print a document (i.e. sales order confirmation, sales invoice, purchase order) to a PDF file and automatically email it to the customer/vendor. It must work so that you set up a flag on those customers who are receive the email instead of the printed document version. If the user selects Post & Print then it’s automatically done. If hitting the manually print, then you can descide if you want to print by email or paper. If an email is created a standard template is sent as the “plain” email. The template can be set up as a global, per user, per report etc. - just like printer selections. In the template you can edit the standard message like “Please see the attached email” etc. A few codes will make it possible to merge some fields into the emails (i.e. name, company, sales person etc.). Does anyone have this solution or are you another end-user who are also looking for this and wanna team up with us on this??

Hi Erik Use amyunis PDF Converter and copy the functions in cu397 and modify them to insert the body text from Your template and You have Your solution. It’s quite easy. We’ve done some automatic pdf-exports by now. Either we send them by email (with or without GUI) or store them as BLOB’s in the database (perfect for storing a copy of the invoice with the layout at the printout moment).

Hey Erik, we do such a thing with our purchase orders, depending on the vendor we either mail it or print the po. We have come up with the pdfmailer program - It is not very expansive and very flexible, our purchase departmant is just happy with the solution. Fred

My problem is not to find the right PDF creation tool. I’ve looked at Amyunis PDF Converter also and I like it. But as I see then there is more than that. The coding, integration and setup in Navision, might also not be much of a problem, but it takes time. Time that I do not have at current. And why should all Navision customers create their own system if we together could make one good solution. If we all used just a few minutes, just think what we could do??

Hi Eric, The solution you are looking for, is what LaserNet is all about. The only thing you need to do within your ERP product (anyone), is to set-up a e.g. scroll down menu or just type, in which format the customer which to communicate on(email (pfd), fax, XML, Print)). that information will be inside the data stream LaserNet receives and scan. Further more LaserNet will transform the UN-formatted data into a professional business form, and 100% automatically send the report/batch/print etc. as the customer choose as mail (pdf), XML, fax etc. The user does not need to do anything after they have chosen the format. When they press print, LaserNet takes over, and the user will not necessary notice if e.g. the document is being send as a mail with a pdf attachment, and also as a formatted form with logo, company brand, barcode etc. LaserNet mail is included the a PDF writer (win2pdf.

I’m not sure what you mean by “solution”. If you want to develop the application and just need a “print-to-pdf” solution that you can manage within Navision… then I will share my experience with “PDF995”. I used it because it was cheap, and the first “pdf virtual printer” that I found that I could configure, (via a parameter file), to write to a pdf file on the disk without displaying the Microsoft common file dialog. To implement; 1) Develop a report, 2) Set the default printer for that report to correspond to the “virtual printer” pdf995 3) Launch the report with a some trigger in Navision, and 4) Behind the scenes launch your code to email, fax, etc. the resulting file. In our application we actually fax the pdf file as an attachment to the fax message spooled to the fax server.

We have a sollution. You can switch on which reports you want to be send in the report selections. Integrated for order confirmation, quotes, reminders for sales/purchase (where applicable). Uses Acrobat Distiller. No need for Exchange Server. No need for seperate reports (eg PDF print with company logo’s, standard print on pre-printed reports). PDF ledger entries. View send PDF’s from Navision.

Nav Nav, Could you please tell me more about this?

Erik, We have a add-on for this. We have provided email facility for Sales order, Sales Invoices, Purchase Order confirmations, Shipment Notices. Program requires Adobe Acrobat 5 and Office 2000 installed. Please do not hesitate if you need any other information and pricing details. Shilpa

To all of you who are offering your nice solutions or add-ons. Please post a little more details about your solutions. Otherwise your information is not worth much to me. But what I’m really looking for is other users who want the same as me and want to share our resources to create a open source solution that does things much better.

Hello, I wan’t to configure PDF995 because i don’t want to see the MS common file dialog etc,… How can i do that. I don’t find the automation where I can call the parameters. Can anybody help me ?

I don’t believe that PDF995 offers such sophisticated facilities. I think you will need to buy Amyuni

I have to agree with Erik on this. We seem to have to reinvent the wheel every time we want to do this, but having a generally deployable solution would be great. I’m keeping it pretty simply in my case, but if you really want to go forward with this, you need more control. I plan on having one machine that actually does the mailing of documents, while individual users will simply be placing the request to print a document in queue, where another task will handle the actual generating of the PDF documents (using Acrobat Distiller in our case), then generating the e-mail. Theoretically, we will then get the status of the mailing somehow, but we have not worked on that yet. We are also using FaxMaker for Exchange, which takes standard MAPI e-mail’s that run through Exchange and faxes them out, with the ability to convert PDF files to a fax. Pretty neat, and it makes for a quick faxing and e-mailing solution.

I thought there was already some kind of download available on this website. I remember to have it downloaded. My problem is that I cant find it back. Roelof.

Steve, the “pdfedit995” adds some extra features to “pdf995” I personally find it useful for my work.

Hi Does anybody have experince controlling special layout on page 1 and special layout on page 2,3,4,5,… I need to know how to control special first page layout and special further page layout in condition to print an invoice from Navision 3.6 in PDF and attatch e-mail K.regards Jan

edocprinter and pdfmailer allow you to control the layout with embedded codes.