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Hi all, I was just wondering if anybody could share what kind of questions did appear in the Solution Developer Exam (I don’t need example questions or material though [8D]) The reason is that I recently did the Programming Exam and was very surprised by the areas: lots on C/ODBC and C/FRONT, coding/data type and naming conventions, and a bit on native vs. SQL database version. Actually only very few questions on C/SIDE or coding… I just want to avoid the surprise again [^] Thanks & Saludos Nils

Hi Nils, I passed the exam two month ago, the only material that i read is Courseware Sol Dev 2.60.pdf and i’m also have pdf file that i got from my NTR that describe about the Training and the Exam, if you want i’ll send it to your e-mail. And if you really want to avoid surprise i think you may read a new development course (i just got this one from partnersource site).

Hi Aloi, thanks for the info, I’d highly appreciate if you could me that Exam and Training description pdf, my mail is Thanks a lot Nils

Hi Aloi, It would be a great help if you can send me also a copy. my mail is Thanks in advance Best regards, Anu

I passed the exam yesterday. There are a lot of questions regarding Navision Implementation Methodology. Elena

Thanks Elena, I thought so, especially after having a look at some course material of the Solution Development Course. I think this methodology part is important, though the training material is not as complete as one could wish… but this raises again an old issue of Navision documentation, though is has improved a lot [:p] Saludos Nils

Hi Aloi, Would you like to sent me a copy? Thanks in advance! My email:

hi, I can only confirm what’s in the previous answers. A lot of the questions are about methodology. The technical questions are not so hard. I think it is a good idea to have some experience before taking the exam. Doing some small modifications is great for learning, because in the mean time, you can see how things were done by Navision.

OK Aloi, I am going to add my name to the list, can you also send me a copy to thanks.

Hi Aloi, would you also send me a copy to I did the exam last Friday and i failed:-(

Hi Aloi, can you send me a copy, too? Please send it to Thanks in advance. Greetings, Frank

Hello, Please may I have a copy too? My e-mail address is Many thanks in advance?[:)]

Hi Aloi Can i have a copy to.

From what I remember I had three practical questions. A dataport, a report and some tables with flowfields, etc. I had to document all of my mods in the documentation trigger and in a change log. The questions were in the form of a system narrative so it was pretty easy. I studied like mad - I was away from home so there were no distractions. I did way way better on my developer exam than my programmer exam (which I failed (barely) the first time I wrote it). Django

Could anyone post me too? Thanks Alberto

May I have a copy too? Thanks in advance. Jesús

Ok, I think we can stop here, it seems that Alois is not going to send us anything. [:(]

Hi all, well, realizing that Alois didn’t send anything (perhaps he just didn’t checked the Active topics recently), I sent the files to all the indicated mail addresses. I just don’t understand why MBS itself doesn’t publish such a document worldwide as apparently it has been written for a specific region only. Saludos Nils

Thanks Nils

Thanks Nils