Software to help with Dynamics


I have been looking for a data integration / transfer program able to help with Dynamics. I have had some advice but have not found the right software yet.

The main feature is being able to migrate important quantities of contacts and data on a daily basis. The migration would be done manually.

Thank you for your help!

There are a few solutions you can look at to migrate contacts and data. It depends on the type of software you would like to use. You can use proprietary software, which can be expensive compared to open source solutions.
You can use software such as Informatica. Or Talend Open Studio which is an open source program.

Hope this helped.

Hi Mik,

As far as possible I would try to stick with standard Ax import routines or try to build a import routine within Ax. This way functionalities built around the table (ex - around insert, validate etc) could be honoured.

Alternatively I would suggest Ax aware products like AtlasXL.