Software to close idle Navision clients

Auto Close Idle monitors unattended Navision clients and allows the administrator to safely close Navision sessions remotely. Unattended Navision clients can be automatically closed after certain idle time so other users can log in. New in release 3.0.0: - Added Remote Control functionality to enable the administrator to see the user’s screen and respond to any validation dialogs remotely. - Monitors the application’s CPU usage (Windows NT/2000/XP Clients) and waits until the application finishes any pending tasks. For details check our web site:

Naji, Could you please mention a valid URL? [xx(]

The site was offline, it’s back online now.

A downloadable version is now available; it’s also listed here just in case:

Thanks Naji, The website is still offline [8D], but the link to Mibuso works. One question left: does this utility also work with a Native database, or just SQL?

It works with both Navision SQL and Native; in fact; it works with any multi-user database application, not just Navision. Also, it doesn’t logon to the database in any way, it monitors the mouse and keyboard usage at the client side to determine the idle time.

Hi, does this software work with Axapta v2.5?

Yes it does. Feel free to download the software and test it.

What are the restrictions on the trial versions?

30-Day fully functional evaluation version