SO Posting Invoice

When invoices was changed status is : Deducted, after that I post into invoics status then errors show:

Sales order: SO-360541

Item number: 11000333

Insufficient inventory transactions with status picked

Operation canceled

So that, I can not post this SO into invoice, who is have experience please instruct me anh how to solves this problem.

Thank you very much

Agus S.

What is the inventory transactions status? is it “On order”? If so, you need to pick them first to post the invoice.

please let us know the status of your inventory transactions.

Thx Santos for your reply. the inventory transactions status is “Deducted”.

On the invoice creation are you selecting the parameter “All” or “Packing Slip”?

Did you pick it prior to shipmnet? Does the item mode group insist on picking?


If your item is having item model group > picking requirement selected then you need to pick it before you invoice. Did you posted the packing slip? While doing packing slip it thrown any error like you faced at invoice posting?

As adam said, In invoice posting which parameter you selected (All or Packing slip)? Check this once. In SO > select Inventory button > Pick and In Pick form select Auto-create and post it and then you try to post Invoice.

Adam & Sarathy, Agus saying that the inventory trans is showing the status as “deducted”. So, we can believe that it’s packingslip updated.

Agus, tell us how many lines you have in the SO and when prompting the error for which item number it’s pointing to. Hope you have checked the inventory>trans for that particular item which appeared in the error message.

It is why I asked the parameter setting, if it is all there are probably additional lines not picked or delivered causing the message.