SO Lines transferred to another SO


I have this concern,

When I created an SO, example SO009 all lines were checked before confrmation.

Heres the concern, the following day we noticed that SO009 lacked 3 lines when we tarced it we found out that it was added to another SO which was already confirmed.

Does anyone experience the same? How and why does it happened?


Have you done any customization on SO form?

I haven’t seen this kind of behaviour in AX and i guess that it would have happened due to some manual intervention.


Have you used the copy from functionality with the delete lines check box selected?

Minor customization just additional field only like additional space for description

Sir Adam, we havent use the copy document line

Please tell me how you performed the following and can be 100% sure the user did not use the copy - because your description is exactly what it would do as standard [:D]

“when we tarced it we found out that it was added to another SO which was already confirmed.”

You added it to a different order and it was removed from another order - your choices are you used the copy, or the user went in and deleted teh lines.

Is this the case with only single SO or there are other SO affected also?



I also experienced the same behavior in SO wherein some items in one SO were transferred to another SO after closing the Create Sales Order window. This happens 1 out of 20 transactions.

What could be the possible reason for this? Does anyone has any idea on this?


It is not standard, so the likelihood is a modification is impacting here.