SO Line

Hi all expertise,

Can anyone please let me know why the setting of the field height so different? Kindly refer to attached snapshot

Thanks a lot

It seems you have changed the form or personalized it by adding the text field to it. It is a free text and has display height 5, so the height is adjusted to it.

may i know how to adjust back it to normal ?

You have not told us what you have really done? Personalize or change to form?

Do you really need the text in the grid, if not remove it.

You could try resetting the form back to it’s defaults. If you right click on one of the fields in the sales order line group and click the “Personalize” button, you should see a button that says “Reset”. Clicking this will get rid of all your personalizations on that form and reset it back to normal.

This usually happens when you personalize your form and move a field into the grid that’s a memo field or some really long text string (something like a product description usually.)