SO Line Quantity not matching with Inventory Quantity Settlement

Hi All,

Around 75 line item posted in Sales Order confirmed & invoiced. While i am checking the Sales Order issued quantity & inventory settled quantity all the 74 lines are matching exactly with Sales Order issued Quantity & Inventory Quantity settled. But for one item where i created a sales order for 100 Qty, but the inventory settled with 1 Qty.

Out 75 item, 73 are different item. the remaining two, item 0025 posted with correct qty against SO & inventory qty. But the same item 0025 created in next line with qty 100 & invoiced. But not matching against SO & inventory.

Item Unit of Measure for both Sales & Inventory is EA - Each

Is it a bug or process error. AX R2



Does that mean the invoice journal has the same qty?

Yes Invoice journal has the 100 Qty but inventory settled with 1 qty. My inventory quantity is mismatch with Sales Invoiced qty.

There is difference in inventory count.

What do you mean by “inventory settled with 1 qty”?

From Sale Order - on Inventory tab - Transaction… Original Qty & Quantity is different.

3414.Inventory Wrong update.png

Also post the invoice journal screen shot.

Thanks for your reply… Attached Screen shot.


If possible particular journal line and its related inventory transaction.

Could you put the path to generated the above two transaction…

When i post the entry, we both will be in a same track…