SMTP Notification from NAS in native dB

Hello all,

I have a job queue that I service using a NAS process and as a part of those jobs I need to send email alerts. In the past I’ve used the SMTP.ocx utility that has been knocking around since 2001 or so, but need more functionality and supportability than it can provide. The issue is that I don’t want to have to reference the standard MAPI calls that require an email profile. Rather, I want to submit a job directly to an SMTP server and make it look pretty… ie: “Customer Service” instead of

This also has to work in a native dB enviroment, so the SQL email functionality isn’t available. Anybody have a suggestion? Authentication is not an issue.


Mark Tyler

Check this

Thanks for the pointer to standard version 5.0 functionality. I’ve been out there in the dark so long I just didn’t expect to find the tool hiding in the tool chest (Codeunit 400). Lift foot insert in mouth.