SMTP error

Hi All,

I have used SMTP setup for sending mail from Sales Invoice.

What I have done on command button I wrote code for creation of pdf, attachment of pdf & sending of mail.

When I click command button pdf file created successfully in ‘D’ drive but getting error as :

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

Attachment D:\XYZ\ABC.pdf does not exist or can not be accessed from the program.


so mail not get send.
But if I debug for the error, I did not get any error & mail with attachment has got send.

Why this is so?

Check whether that folder have full access …

As well as it will take some time to attach that file so use sleep command before sending the mail.

Hi Shruti

I get the same error as u do… after switching to NAV2013…

In my case I guess it is becurse the SMTP mail was an automation in NAV 2009… is now (in NAV2013) a DotNet thingy in codeunit 400 …and do propperly run on the server side of the NST

wich is why it propperly cant find my pdf file [:’(]… can anyone verify this ? … and if soo … how do one create a dotNet thingy that run on the local side insted of server side ?

Best Regards


sigh! … it was a propperty on the variable “RunOnClient” [:P]

Thanks for the help A.L… your welcome A.L. … have a nice day A.L. … U 2 A.L. …