SMS Alert through AX 2009/2012

Dear All ,

I am wiling to send a SMS alert to corresponding person contact Number , on each Step(Confirmation/picking/Packing/Invoice) of Sales order process . How can i. right now i am using Mail alert.

can anybody Help me out.

Thanks in Advance

Noor Md P

AX consultant


Please find one vendor who is providing message gateway service,they will charge you per sms along with some intial cost and they will provide you a template that you can directly use in AX for sending SMS.Ofcourse you have to provide the Template content like what is the message that you want to send what are variables and what is the fixed content.

Also if you want then you can create an application in .net Windows or web application and consume the template provided by the vendors explained above.

In case of any issue do let me know on