smmTransLog - delete or not ?

Hello everyone,

My problem looks like I’ll describe below :smiley:

There were every checkboxes checked on the CRM Parameters, on tab “TransLog”

Axapta was used from a very long time, and the table smmTransLog, I would say…is full :frowning: I can’t make any new record in this table, I think because of limitation on numbers RecId (If not, then anyone has any hint ? )

And the question is. Can I delete every record from this table ?

I don’t for what this table is using. Is this only some kind of log, or maybe this table is using for some imporant reason in CRM module.

Regards to any responders :wink:

Well, first of all, what do you mean when you say that you can’t create any more records?

what is the specific error message you are getting?

Do you use the CRM module at all? If not, maybe turning off the configuration key for this module is not such a bad idea?