Smart way in order to see where a certain field is used in whole Nav code?

Usually I use a tool called Prisum in order to see the dependency for some of the fields in my table,Pages,… before I delete them. The problem now since we have some modules from 3rd party provider I canot access or export the object as Text files in order to access with this tool.

any ideas what would be the best alternative free way to be able to see each field dependency in Nav objects?

For example I want to see where the field is used in all Nav objects (Pages,Tables,…)

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you can use this:


There are some third party objects which I canot export. That why I wrote this post I need a way to force such objects to be exported.



if you do not have the dev license for the third party objects, then it’s not possible. i think, changing the 3rd party objects, where you have no dev permission, cannot not be your issue. best you talk to your PM and contact the vendor of the 3rd party modules for assistance.

there is only one trick to look into code of objects you have not the license: start the debugger and step into these objects, they are shown in the debugger window, although you have no dev license. maybe that helps you.

The problem is now before I start this object I have to add a Break point in it. Since, I canot open it from objewct designer I canot add this Break point.

which nav version?

please always add tags to your first question, at least the nav version.

in nav vs. >= 2013 you can set a breakpoint on a line in the code, which is reachable for you, with your lincense and where in that line is a call to the 3rd party codeunit. when the debugger stops there, click F11 to jump into the 3rd party code. that works. i did that many times with the zetadocs nav objects.

Thanks, My version is 2013