Slowness of Navision in our remote branches

We are using microsoft dynamics nav 4.0 service pack 3. Problem we are confronted by is that, the navision connectivity is so poor in remote branches where the internet connectivity is limited. Kindly suggest a workaround for this issue of ours.


How the branches is accsing Navision ??? Is it through Citrix server or RDC ??


Unfortunately there is no workaround. Navision client generates rather heavy traffic, as data are processed on CLIENT side, not server. Especially this is true for complex reports, but not only.


You can use Citrix, although I prefer Windows RAS, and then there are other third-party remote access solutions (e.g TeamViewer, but it is free only private use, commercial clients face rather expensive licensing fee).

The branches are using Windows Remote Desktop facility to connect.

FYI, the branch is located at a very remote village in Uttar Pradesh with limited internet connectivity(Datacard)

Also please lemme know if by having a local standalone instance of Navision in the Branch, and periodically synchronizing it with the central Navision instance would it help resolving the issue.

P.S.: Please lemme know if this is pragmatically feasible at all


replication could be a solution, but this mainly depends on the tasks the remote branch has to fulfill,

Please tell more about what the users are doing in the remote branch and what kind of documents they are producing and what business processes they are following.

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Ours is a Carpet Industry and in the branches as and when the Carpet weaving happens once in a week their progress is updated onto Navision.

Other than this only multiple transfer orders are used for transit of goods.

But the challenge in using replication is that the serial numbers of carpets would be highly affected as it would hamper tracking.

Kindly advise.

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In general for replication you would need to consider the following:

It is critical for replication in Navision that information of a certain table is being replicated into one direction only.

If the main concern and task within the Navision database is the warehouse management, then You could have a look into an offline POS solution which handles replication. It might sound a little bit weird to use a POS solution for this but mostly these POS solutions consist of two parts, the selling part and - in your case more interesting - the warehouse part to support stock control such as sending/receiving transfer orders, posting stock adjustments for the produced carpets and so on.
Serial numbers could be tracked by this as well.

Please find more information about our solution - which would fit your needs - under

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