Slow Wireless network connection

We have established a wireless connection between two sites (250 mtr)using an Orinocco Wireless Point to Point kit (11 Mbit)to allow access to our main server as well as Navision Financials (Ver 2.01B) thru’ clients running W95 / W98. Now we see that the updating speed on salesorderlines etc. are very slow indeed. Before we used a fixed line (2MBit) and the speed was close to that of our normal 10Mbit Ethernetwork- Any ideas on how to resolve this problem? Gert Lettorp TotalFinaElf Olie Danmark A/S

Well… i’ve a wireless network at home and something i should recommend you first it’s checking a couple things: 1) don’t allow windows to handle your wireless devices, as it sometimes disconnects it… just setup everything and advanced setting remove after connecting the “use windows to configure my wireless network settings” check on the wireless networks tab (connections work better that way…) 2) Check the strenght of the connection on each computer… if you receive something lower than good (low or very low) the speed will be reduced a lot. 3) If you’re able of, try installing the new 54g wireless network cards from Belking… their reception it’s really good and the speed is also improved. Regards,

Thanks for the advice. I am not a hardware nerd, but I think the wireless we applied is installed as a bridge between the two locations, thus I have no visible wireless connection on the client. It is transparent to these and acts as if it is just a “virtual” link between the physical Ethernets. It should mean that it is not even using the TCP/IP “routines” to handle the communication. Well, we keep on looking. Thanks again. Gert Lettorp