Slow reports, esp. Inventory to G/L Reconcile

We are running Navision Attain 3.6 with the Microsoft SQL Server (2000 STD ED) Option. The OS is Windows Server 2003 and the hardware is an HP Proliant DL560 G1 with great specs, including dual processors, 4 GB RAM (2 GB dedicated to SQL), multiple hard drives in more than one RAID 1 configuration, and with the database and transaction logs on separate disks. Yet, our Navision users constantly complain that it is “too slow,” especially when they run reports. One report, in particular, the “Inventory to G/L Reconcile” report (Report 10138), takes 2 to 3 hours to run regardless of whether it is executed with Navision client software installed on a workstation, in our Citrix environment, or on the server itself! It doesn’t even help to log everyone off the server except the handful of people running the “Inventory to G/L Reconcile” report. We would appreciate hearing from anyone else that is experiencing these kinds of performance issues, especially those of you who have resolved them.


…It doesn’t even help to log everyone off the server except the handful of people running the “Inventory to G/L Reconcile” report. …
Originally posted by Compuoso - 2006 Mar 09 : 16:13:28

Its well known that this is a slow report, its obviously a very complex report, manily due to the ability to be date sensitive. This was a major client request for years. Navision explained to the users that theis report woudl be very slow, but it was concidered as business critical, so was added to the application. What this meant was that cost values are now flow fields in the item ledger entry table, and there is not way to sort and sum them. If you want the report to be fast, your NSC could re-write it for you to your sepcific requirements to be a much faster report, but that needs to be done by someone that knows your business needs well. In terms of running the report, normally you would run it once a month, or maybe once per week, (when you close out your accounts) so the performance would not be that much a problem. Your comment above leads me to wonder why Multiple people would ever run this report, and if multiple people are running it, then a basica assumption is that the report is run quite often. It would seem to me that the real issue, is that you have in your company a specific business need that requires a custom report, buyt instead you are using an existing report that was designed for something else. Can you explain what you are using the report for.