Slow report generation

Hello We run Navision across a 10Mb Wan and locally on a 100Mb Lan. Generating reports is incredibly much slower across the Wan. What could affect this apart from bandwidth? I feel that the networkspeed is only part of the problem. With object Cache set to 50000 the client is working fine in most areas. Geo

I’ve read in these groups some tweaks you can make to the MTU size that can help with performance over the 10Mb connection. Also if you ping accross that connection, you’’ be able to see the return time (in milliseconds) of a packet. This is a good indication of the delay incurred over networking. I haven’t figured out the bandwidth requirement for a native connection yet, but if anyone knows … please share! -john

To overcome network bandwidth limitations, you could set up a Terminal Server or Citrix Server through which WAN users would access the Navision Server. If you find that you can’t improve the connection as it is, you will find a lot of info on this method by searching the forum for Terminal/Citrix.

The client might be “chatty” Like Neson, I was based in California (west coast of US) and had access data on a file server in Germany. Response time was totally unacceptable. It could take 5 minutes to simply open a file, and yes we did time some of the events and some were even longer than 5 min. I have no idea what was the cause of the delay. We finally gave up and switched to using a Citrix server in Germany to access and work on the German files. Gary

As for the bandwith demands 100Mb is recommended as from version 3.60. Still, 10Mb should not be that slow. I wonder if the reports are filtering on records with incorrect keys. Have you checked that?