Slow connection to Attain 3.10 SQL

We have Attain 3.10 on MS SQL 2000 and about 40 workstations connected. We’ve found that connection quality is not uniform. Two stations on the same hub have reply time that differs 3-4 times. As a result Attain under P-150 works better than under PII-600. Ping shows no losses. Network adapter is OK. We tried to exchange hub ports and connectors. No way. I suppose that it’s due to some tcp/ip connection parameters. But which one?[?]

Please run the Performance statistics both on server(sql) and client with processor and network interface as the counter. After that do some actions, for example List the COA. Then see the performance statistics. If the network interface in the server is low and high in the client, then the bottleneck is in the client, otherwise in the server.

Is it only happen in 1 or 2 computers how about connection in another PII if the problem comes to 1 or 2 computers, better check on the Operating System before you change anything. If we alreafy do that, try to see the server disk configuration on data log file and transaction log file. Better you separate the data log and transaction log to a different RAID Disk. After doing that, try to change the disk Cache to the station that has problem. If you have done that, you better check the database weather it has some unNecesary loop.