Slave.exe on server????

Hi, What is Slave.exe on server computer, why there are 3 copy of slave.exe running. Can i stop it ??? RGDS Gedas

slave.exe is your commitcache. I assume You have three drives in You server. I would not recommend You to close that process… There is one odd thing though. The Task manager reports wery strange memory usage for server.exe together will all slave.exe. If I remember this thin right it’s the memory usage of server.exe that is the actually memory usage of all the processes

Hi, If you close slave.exe this means that you have to restart Navision in services again. All users will lose contact. When a ODBC driver refuses to cooperate with some changes, we sometimes closes all slave’s and restart the Navision service to get the odbc link running properly again.

We have 9 intances of slave.exe running. 1 using (approx.) 60 MB of memory, 4 @ 275MB, 4 @ 400MB. The Win2K OS only sees 3 disks. Physically there are 8 (2x2 mirrored, 4 disks in RAID 5). These stats don’t appear to reflect any combination. Is there a problem with this?

I now realize there is 1 slave.exe running for each instance of .fdb files. It just happens to be we have 8 hard drives and 8 .fdb files. There is no relation to the hard drives.