Can SKUs have different standard cost and or average cost per location as we have diff locations throughout the country and want to hold costs per location, any advice would be welcome

Yes Dave - this is possible. Standard cost is fine - just set this up on the SKU Card. If you are using average cost you will need to adjust the Average cost calc type field in inventory set-up to “Item, Location and Variant” Alison

Manufacturing Module will require some modifications if you want to use different costs on SKU. Sat

I am skeptical this will work. Here is the problem. You can have only one bom per item therefore the next time you go to roll up your stadands you SKU cards for produced items will all be set to the same thing. Unless… You have a SKU card for all of your purchased items and you run the revaluation journal by location. Has anyone tried this yet? Nonetheless what happens now when you finish your production orders do the variances get calculated compared to the standard for the location your outputting into? I hope so. I guess I have more questions than answers right now…