skip Navision Financials License notice

Is it possible to skip the license warning when you open a Navision administration. For example is it possible to give the finsql.exe a startup option so that the license warning isn’t showing.

What is a ‘Navision administration’? There is no startup parameter to bypass any license type issues that I know of. I don’t know how or why sometimes the warning pops up, and I agree it can be annoying, but I guess I just accept that it happens.

I presume that you want to be sure the license confirmation doesn’t pop-up because you are trying to use a keyboard macro script to do something like a backup, and it gets confused when the license thing pops-up, right? I’m sure that it’s not because you have the wrong license installed, and you don’t want the users to know… That said, I believe that the license confirmation occurs the ‘first’ time you start the client, and then this confirmation is stored in the ?zup? file. My experience is that you only get the confirmation again if you connect to a different server that has a different license. So, create a Shortcut that specifies the Server, Database, Company and ID properties on the command line. Run this shortcut at least once, and accept the license confirmation. Since this shortcut has its ‘own’ zup file, subsequent use of this shortcut (as long as you don’t do a Database,Close) will not ask the license question again.