Sizing Tools

Hi, I got the hardware (include disk storage) sizing problem. Does anyone have the sizing tool for Navision Software? Thanks.

Navision’s always had what they referred to as CCOAST here in the US. It’s a tool that NSCs use to configure customer orders with the granules and it also has a bit of a rudamentary sizing tool in it. It’s not the most accurate tool. Ask your NSC for this.

C/COAST is only available in the US. In most other countries the NSC have direct access to the C/CAPS license file configurator. I think the sizing tool Ekasit is referring to is the Excel spreadsheet, that was available up to - and including - version, 2.01. However that tool is no longer available, due to the fact that paying for database size is not an issue anymore. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

Thank for your supported. We are the one of NSCs in Thailand but we didn’t have the tools that you refered. Do we need to request it from Navision Singapore?