Sizing the IT infrastructure

Can anybody guide me in sizing the hardware and estimating the bandwidth requirements . I am talking here about implementation of 100 + concurrent Axapta users. The entire setup would be 3 tier . The setup also comprises of the Enterprise Portal . Basically reference to any sizing tool available on any site , formula , thumb rule would help. RBI

Hi Rakesh, You should use MS certified Axapta sizing guides such as this one - Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks Harish . Despite your prompt reply I have started working on this just recently. I have tried to use this tool , I have following issues 1. The sizing tool can handle maximum of 400 ASU load beyond that it doesn’t work. My calculated load is beyond that. 2. It appears to be outdated in the sense some of the modules are not included eg. HRM etc. 3. It doesn’t have any definition of the profile it refers eg.under the project , central registeration and individual registeration. Doing a breakup under this is very adhoc and forced one. 4. By filling this information I am not able to understand how it will calculate the storage capacity( Processor and RAM is understandable) 5. This manufacturer doesn’t have too much Server hardware market in India till date. HP, IBM , Dell are more relevant. MBS requires the Information gathering document to be filled where they require the complete details including the Volume of Transactions handled on an avg. every day. This information cannot be provided in that granularity from our side . I have specific questions , 1. Does HP, Dell,IBM have sizing tools for MBS-Axapta. I couldn’t find one on their site. There is sizing asistance on almost everything else available with these vendors. The product is still catching up in India. 2.The granularity of the information required by MS to assist in the hardware sizing is too much so what should I do. Any other advise in this regard will be welcome. Regards