Size of the backup file is the same over and over

Dear all, I am afraid I have an alarming issue - the size of the backup file (Navision 3.01) is the same over and over despite that we have a very heavy daily operations. What’s going on? Thanks

Your database size is a set size. 2,5,50 Gb or whatever it might be. Your daily work is filling that database. When it gets too full you expand it to a larger size. if you go to: file->database->Information->Database(tab) you will see your database size I don’t think there is need for alarm.

HR, thanks for your reply. yes, DB size is 10Gb, used 7.8Gb but I don think this was an issue before - everytime each back up file was different from the one before (in terms of a size). I also dowloaded a trial version of ExpandIT and I hope it doesn’t affect the process by any means. I do have 2 backup files now: backup 09162003.fbk 2.078 Mb backup 09162004.fbk 430 KB I have no idea where that second file is coming from, bur I suspect from ExpandIT

Yes Denis, this is Odd. I think HR did not understand the question. Clearly your FBK file should continue to get bigger. you do need to resolve this. I would suggest that you immediatealy do a complete resote, and compare the restored database to the Current one. Then make a manual backup bypassing ExpandIT, and compare this to the one mande by ExpandiIT. Also be aware that it may be how you are displaying the value. GO to properties ont he file, and check the exact size in bytes to see if that is changing.

Ooops - that’s what happens when you read too quickly :)~.


I do have 2 backup files now: backup 09162003.fbk 2.078 Mb backup 09162004.fbk 430 KB

I may be mistaken, but I believe that Navision splits the backup in fileparts if the size exceeds 2GB. Therefore your backup now consists of 2 parts (and naturally part 1 will always remain at 2.078 Mb).

SV, I think you are correct, the ExpandIT issue is simply a red herring. In any case its all pretty academic, since Denis in fact DOES NOT HAVE A BACKUP ANYWAY!!!. You can only really say you have a backup, when you have fully restored it and confirmed the contents of the restore. Since that was not done, its a complete waste of time to create the backup anyway.

HR, SV and David - many thanks to you guys! I now take it more seriously, although I hope that SV is right (and it makes sence since the “second” file does grow in size with each next back up). David, how long do you think will it take to fully restore my 10Gb db and how much space do I need (this is also an issue since our serve has less than 10Gb of free space). Please advise.

Let’s not get into semantics here…[:D] Clearly Denis hasn’t got an alarming issue - and if he follows your sound advice, David, he’ll even have a backup. ----- Denis, obviously you need at least 10 Gb free space on your server since you have to restore your backup into a new database. Re. speed: that depends entirely on your serverconfiguration, but i think it’s safe to say that it’ll be a very long coffeebreak (make the restore directly on the server - this will speed up things). Also be aware that the restore will slow down the server considerably, so don’t do it in normal office hours.

No sorry, I have to disagree. If you have not restored a backup, and tested the restore, then you DO NOT have a backup. Sorry, SV, been doing Navision 13 years now, I have seen so many tears from people that “thought” they had a backup, to be a little conservative here.

All right dear SV, HR and David! First let me thank you for your support! Second, I want to share my experience with restoring my db (since it appears that you are not familar with the issue in details except for SV, who was right with his theory): the db was succesfully restored from 2 (two) files, meaning that Navision, after db exceeds certain size (ours is 7.8 Gb now), does split back up file (fbk) in 2 like this: a1.fbk (size is always 2,097,152) a2.fbk (size varies) (damn can’t wait when I get this star :slight_smile: )