Size of attachments in CRM

Hi All, When I import files in the interaction templates I notice the following : - original DB size = 146928 KB - add ZIP of 7855720 bytes => 155176 (+8248) - add text of 2137 bytes => 155184 (+8) - add DOC of 46080 bytes => 155208 (+24) Is there some explanation for this “random” DB increase ? When I start using those files in interactions, can I expect similar increases ? For example when I reuse the DOC file as an interaction over and over again, can I expect an average increase of 24 KB ? Thanks !

(1) Navision - in order to save db-space - compress data when importing into BLOB-fields (I think a ZIP-compression algorithm is used). In recent (SQL)versions this can be avoided using the Compression Property. In older versions, though, this (automatic)compression can be a pain because external app’s accessing the db can’t recognize the compressed blobs. Anyway, compressing a zip-file, of course, is futile, whereas compressing a Word-doc or a textfile will yield much better results. Moreover, I believe Navision blobs are saved in chunks divisable by 8KB (this explains the db-size increase saving the textfile in your example). (2) Yes, in effect a copy of the template is saved every time you use it in interactions. Of course, optionally, you can select to save the attachments outside Navision and never worry about this [;)]