Sitewise Vendor Ageing Report

Hi All,

We have multiple sites(Plants), and finance peoples required the Vendor Aging Report Sitewise (standard report is for whole company transaction). I want to pass additional site parameter from report’s dialog and filter the records as per the site and other existing parameters. Is it possible with current classes used in standard report or there is need to create new one?

I saw the standard report but doesn’t understood where tmp table is populated and in which method i can pass the site.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Are you taking about the inventory dimension site? Or do you have some field on vendor transactions that defines site?

Yes inventory dimension site.

How would it be on vendor transactions? Not every vendor transaction will have a related inventory transaction.
Do you also have site as financial dimension on vendor transactions?

yes we have the site as financial dimension on vendor transactions.

You should be looking at VendbalanceList* classes.

Yes you right but i can’t understood where the tmp tables are populated?

The data is filled into VendTmpAccountSum table in those classes and later the data is copied to the relevant temp table in \Classes\VendAgingReportDP\insertVendAgingReportTmp

In Ax 2009, it is done in \Classes\CustVendBalanceList\addTrans

I am adding the range in \classes\VendBalanceList\queryRunOpenTransactions

Range is - queryRun.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(VendTrans)).findRange(fieldnum(VendTrans, Dimension)).value(queryValue(_Site));

But on this line below run time error is occurred -

Error executing code: QueryBuildRange object not initialized.

How to resolve this?

Dimension is an array field, you cannot assign the value directly.
Have a look at this,