Site wise stock value

Hi All ,

Assume that Client has 3 sites amd want to maintain the stock value in different accounts ( Site wise) in Balance sheet instead of a single account and seeking to maintain the stock value separately.

Can i know how to achieve this in AX 2009 or 2012 ?

Create a dimension to represent the site, hard link it to the physical site with the dimension link, view your inventory asset by dimension.

Thanks Steven sir,

With out using the dimension concept , is it not possible to maintain the different stock accounts Warehouse wise ? ( In NAVISION , we have the standard functionality of Location wise inventory accounts )

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lally,

Inventory balance is maintained using item group and there is no option of any inventory dimension. AX catches posting account as per posting in inventory and warehouse management.

Yes in NAV you can achieve that.

There is a workaround. You can make site as financial dimension and make it mandatory on inventory account. Else, there are reports in standard which shows site wise inventory physical and financial value.