Site wise MRP RUN in AX 2012

Hi All,

i have created 3 sites and items are common for all items.

i need to Run MRP bassed on SITE.

i have searched in Master scheduling criteria . SITE option is not available in AX 2012.

is it possible to run MRP site wise ?



Why do you need to run it by site?

Do you have any inter-site relationships for transfer orders?

You can run it by site (press the select button and set the stock dimension field for site and enter the criteria) but the recommendation is not to filter the run, but to filter the results.


each site is in different location. i need to run master schedule for each site. i am not using inter company transfer orders.

if i run for SITE 1, system will generate planned orders for particular site. based on the result i can plan.

i have searched SITE option is “select” . but site is not available in AX 2012.

kindly provide your suggestion

Can you confirm you mean the inventory dimension site. By talking about inter-company this is legal entity differences. I did not mention IC, I am talking about transfer orders for moving stock within a legal entity.

I cannot upload a picture, but from the periodic routine hit the select button and use the standard filters on the stock dimension table to add the field site and then define your site.