Site updates: Community Server updated to SP3, Site Mail

Dear members,

Today I took the chance and updated the to the latest version of Community Server - version 2007 ServicePack 3 (from SP2). Yes actually it’s a beta version, but the nice people at Telligent (who developed Community Server) said the risk should really low that something didn’t work.

It took a few hours. You might have experienced that the site was down for about 20 minutes, but then we where online again.

For me the most important reason for doing this update now, was the our issue with not getting the thread view counts updated is solved now. But please notice that in the period since we upgraded to CS 2007 (July 13th 2007) and until now (August 30th 2007) now view counts has been recorded.

You can see what other updates are included here:

Another issue has been fixed today. Also since the upgrade in July, no mails has been sent out from this website. It was not due to Community Server, but “simply” a missing setting in the SMTP server setup. After we got our own server (instead of using a shared server), this has been settings I need to make sure works. And well since I was actually still receiving all my emails (I’m using an internal email account at then I was really sure if it was a problem. But David keept say I should take a look at it, and I did and after a few hours I found and fixed the problem…

And now I need to relax a little…

Great, email notifications are now working, now to see if the view counter is now being updated. [:D]