Single user is receiving a "No return command" error

Hey guys.

I’ve got a single user who is having difficulties in AX 2009. When accessing General Ledger > Journals > General Journal, he creates a new entry, and the selects the “Lines” function. In the new window,he enters the appropriate information, but then receives the error “Error executing code: LedgerJournalTransType (object), method validateAccountNum has no return command”. I cannot replicate the error, and other users with the identical level of access are able to do the same work without issue.

The steps I’ve taken so far:

  • Had another user enter the data in the same area, then back out the changes. The end-user was able to enter in the account information, but the next tab would not accept the information.
  • I reset the user’s Axapta session and then had him test it again
  • I reset the user’s TS session and had him test again
  • I removed all of the stored user data/temp files for this user
  • I reset the User Options to default
  • I deleted and recreated his ID.

I’m out of ideas at this point, so if anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

After much troubleshooting, I found that logging the user off, renaming his stored roaming profile on the terminal server, and then having him log back in fixed the issue. Interestingly enough, a corrupted file in that folder caused the problem.

Thanks for letting us know [:D]. I am sure this will be of use to some one some day.