single user for back up

where i can find to be single user while i back up data?

In Navision there is no need to set the database to single user when creating a backup.

The system works by locking the current version (for a very short time, less than seconds) whilst it works out what the current snapshot should be. It then releases the database, and creates a backup of the current version.

This means that users can post invoices, print reports etc, Simultaneously whilst you are creating the backup.

so? i could use back up without warning to the user first?

because yesterday while i was using the database, my friend was restoring the database

so my application’s hang :frowning:

Making a backup it’s different from restoring. Restoring removes all old data and so on. Are you using Native or SQL ?

i’m using sql server database

i couldn’t use single user for backing up database

so i must confirm first to all my friends

while doing backups when u are runningon sql, at one stage navision locks the tables and users might lose of the changes they were making. experienced it couple of times

a week ago, while i was backing up navision database

my friend couldn’t post invoice…