Single Sharepoint Server with multiple AX2012 environments

Until now, we had single server environments on which everything from AX to SQL to Sharepoint was installed. Because of the installation, administration and server resources we have to put into this, with every new environment, we want to divide the different server installations. So a seperate SQL server, seperate AX servers and if possible a seperate sharepoint server. For the SQL server and AX environments, this works, but how about the sharepont server.

my question is, can we use a single Sharepoint server (not foundation), for all x-different develope, support and test environments we have? I expect every ax environments consists of a single sharepoint site, and how many sites can sharepoint have (not a question).

Can someone confirm if this is possible and if there is a whitepaper about this kind of ax-configuration.

Thanks for your reply

Probably found the answer myself at this URL

Only question left is, what about ax-version differences. Are ax-components backwards compatible? So when a new version arrives, can I update the Enterprise portal components and still use the sharepoint sites from lower ax versions?