Single PO with No of Invoices

Hi All

Is it possible to post and print invoices by creating one Purchase Order with one line of 50 item qty and Invoices should be post and print for each qty . I mean 50 invoices with different invoice no each invoice will be having 1 qty.


Either you create a blanket order and keep on invoiceing one quantity every time.

Or in the same invoice receive only one quantity every time and print the invoice.



hi Rajesh

Blanket order will create another Po line but in this case it should not create another PO line.

i think we can do partial invoice. on posting invoice form, Lines tab, Update field, but every time we have to go this field, update, post and print.

it will consume more time.

is there any other short cuts??


Yes. You will inform qty in the field Deliver Now of tab Quantity of the lines of purchase to order. To posting invoice, you will have that to mark option Deliver Now the Quantity field. You will have that to make it 50 th.


Murilo Oliveira

No, anthony. i believe it is not possible. because single shot of posting will not create several invoice journal number. you can create it manually by posting single invoices with 1 qty…

But what is the business scenario where u needed it.

hi Raju

At present I am creating 1 PO line with 50 qty, first i will confirm the PO for all qty as well as picking and packing slip. while i am doing invoice, on posting invoice, lines tab, update field i will change qty to 1 and click OK post and print invoice

once again posting invoice, lines tab, update field change qty to 1, post and print…same process it will be continued for upto 50qty, 50 invoice.

business scenario is I have to generate 50 invoices with 50 mobiles with diffrent invoice no, IMEI no and Serial number for my stockiest, since he cant generate invoices, on behalf of him we will generate the same. so he can sell the invoices to customers mobile with invoice.