single instance with 2 different database


I am using UAT/Demo server for development and end user testing. On UAT/Demo Server I have created 2 database, 1 for testing data and 2nd one for live data. Weekly I am restoring live data on the UAT/Demo server’s live data. I am using same instance to connect different database as and when requires. but can I create an axc file for 2 different databases with single instance.

Can anybody help me?

Hi ,

You do like , Create New AOS for different database . Based on that u create axc file.



Creating new AOS means it will create new application also. I don’t want to create 2 applications, I want one ie same application to 2 different databases.


Only server configuration has database configuration setup not client configuration. The client configuration only point out the server and port. But server configuration is point out the database. Better you can have the single client configuration try to change the database in server configuration.

Check below path:

thank you very much for clearing my point.

If you want to use two different databases ,it is the best practice to create a new AOS Instance for the second database .