Single Instance CU

Dear All,

Iam using a CU and, CU’s property (SingleInstance is set to Yes).

The CU is in the server and multiple user are working with the single instance CU.

1st user set a a value (a=1)

2nd user set a a value (a=2)

the 1st user gets the value of a (?? it is 1 or 2).

How the single instance CU works in a Server envi.

Thks & Reg


A single instance CU has no server-wide effect; each CU affects only the local client where it was loaded.

So in your example, User1 would get “1” for “a”, as he’s working with his instance of the CU.

Hence, User2 would get “2” for “a”.

As Joerg mentioned this single instance CU is local for the clients. If you want to share values with other users: hey, it’s NAV database, write it to a table to be available.

Here’s a good explanation of how single instant codeunits can be used.
So you can become more familiar with it