Single File to Multiple Companies

Hi all, Is there any way to import data from a Single file to Multiple companies of a Single database.I have nearly 25 companies in a single database,i got to import data from a single file ,which contains all the companies data with Company Name. Thanks Mohan Mohan Babu

Yes it’s possible, Check the CHANGECOMPANY command from your online help.

You also could set the property “data per company” of the tabel to “No”. But when you do this all the changes to the tables in one company immediately applies to all companies in the database, so be very carefull with this one. It’s rarely used because it’s quit risky. Just try what it does in a local test copy of a database where it can do no damage! Remind that it’s quit easy to set this property to “no” but you’ll have to empty the complete table to set it back to “yes”. Marco de Vries Navision Consultant/Developer ICM-Solutions Edited by - marcov on 2001 Jul 27 16:24:08

Thank you Tarek, I didn’t check the Help properly.i hope CHANGECOMPANY Will work fine with me… Thanks Again… Mohan Babu