Simple TCP/IP based data transfer?

Does anybody know of a simple TCP/IP based data transfer interface to NF? It just has to connect to a host on a particular post and get/put streams of data coming from non-NF programs or network capable devices.

I has writen replication API for NF, with own TCP/IP protocol. It writen for NF 1.30 and uses Cfront. If you are interested drop me e-mail.

If you can wait: NF 3.0 will have this feature. In all versions below (probably with the exception of 2.65?) don’t. One main concern with older versions is that you cannot fire a NF-trigger from a third program. In order to establish a life-link I usually proceed as follows: * External program writes its data as .TXT files into a specified directory * A dedicated Navision-Client does nothing but reading this directory and processing files. Absolutely not elegant but very stable and reliable unless we get something better. Marcus

Thanks for the info, Marcus. Is there anything that’s NOT in NF 3.0 :wink: The problem with waiting for the new version is the unknown time frame of its release, but that’s stuff for another thread…

The answer to the question “what is not in NF 3.0” would be quite endless and exceed the capacity of a posting :slight_smile: If you are talking about TCP/IP based transfer, you are referring to a very low-level form of communication and I don’t think that’s what you really mean: TCP/IP is nothing more than a communication protocol for hardware. You can compare that with a Telephone line which enables a person in China to talk with someone in France on a physical level (= they hear each other). But it doesn’t solve the problem that they speak a common language (e.g. English) and understand each other :frowning: What you can do with NF 3.0 is to communicate on a higher level basis (with a common language which every party understands) such as exchanging XML files, talk to the BizTalk server etc. With your XML file you could trigger a Java or DotNet Webservice on the targeting computer with in return will return an XML file for you. “Streams” are also implemented in NF 3.0 but this is beyond my current knowledge about NF 3.0. Marcus Edited by - fabian on 2/19/01 2:22:20 AM

Thanks, Marcus, but in my case it’s about establishing a connection between the NF host and another host over a particular TCP-Port, then exchanging data (transactions). It must be easy in C to do this.

If u’re going to use C for the translation of the data… why don’t u use your C code for making the sockets for the conection via TCP/IP??? It will be easier and probably a safer way than trying to do from navision. You can make a “dispatcher” codeunit (similar to the webshop one) that creates files on a directory or sends the data to a sql database and use your C code when data changes and call the C program (or make it as a service and search for the changes you’ve defined for the data transactioin) for the communication. Regards – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Thanks. We can close the thread now. --Lance

Hi! I had to do a similar task: Sending and/or deleting / moving files from / to an FTP-Host. Searching for something to do this I found Performer from www.transsoft.som. You can build an executable with this which can be run using the NF’s SHELL-Command. Maybe this helps Peter