Simple Phone Dialer using NFComm.OCX

Hi, We are building an app to allow simple dialing without using TAPI devices (long story but we can’t use it). The problem now is that although I can use Hyper Terminal to send control codes to ring a phone number through a modem, I can’t automate it through Navision. I thought I could use the NFComm.OCX (downloaded from MIBUSO) but with not much luck. With it I thought I could have used the following code; comport.ComX:=0; // 0=COM1, 1=COM2, 2=COM3, 3=COM4 comport.OpenPort; comport.SendStr(‘ATD123’); //example to ring the UK speaking clock comport.ClosePort; Anyone got any ideas on this or used something similiar. Much appreciated. regards, Tim

Just incase anyone has a similiar problem in the future… here is the outcome; I contacted the author of NFCOmm and he offered a clue to solve my problem. I just needed to include CR + LF characters on the end of my string. I did this by defining a couple of CHAR vars and then using FORMAT to add them to the string for “sending”.