signature not found [V]

Hi Guys, I am getting this very strange while installing Navision 2.60F client on one of customer’s system. The system is having Win98 as an operating system. While installing the Navision Client it comes up with an message : Security warning : The publisher cannot be determined due to the problems below: Authenticode signature not found and buttons come up on screen yes/no/more info if you click on yes it wont do anything and come out of installation. can anybody give me the clue regarding this… thx in advance guys cheers

Hi Jagjeet, I think the Mesg. is from your Internet Explorer Security/Advanced Settings. There are 2 solutions: 1. As you did, select ‘Yes’ and wait. Sometimes it takes time to bring up the installation wizard. 2. The second option is to browse the CD and find ‘NFClient’ folder and find file “Navision Financials W1 2.60.E” file of type windows installer package and run. This should do the job for you. Regards

Hi, 1.Please check the version of Internate Explorer, it should be >=5.5. 2. Still you are getting the same error, please copy the client directory in the harddisk of client machine and create a shortcut on the desktop to access the fin.exe file. It will work. there is no need to do the installation. Once I did it with Navision Attain 3.10 and it was working properly without installation.