SID – Account ID

We are trying to use the virtual table “SID – Account ID” [200000007] to convert from ID to SID. However, the results seem somewhat inconsistent. SIDConversion.SETCURRENTKEY(ID); SIDConversion.SETFILTER(ID, vUserID); IF SIDConversion.FIND(’-’) THEN result := SIDConversion.SID; In some cases the FIND on the “SID – Account ID” table returns the SID value as shown in the “Windows Login” table [2000000054] in other SID returned does not appear in the “Windows Login” table. We have also found that running the same logic on different PC’s gives differing results, i.e. Developer “A” runs the logic and sees the correct SID value (as shown in “Windows Login”) for Developer “B”. Developer “B” runs the same logic and gets a differing SID value for himself and one not shown in “Windows Login” table. Does anybody have any clues on what’s happening[?]

We think we’ve found the problem. The user was set-up locally on the PC and on the Domain. [Trying to perform an iteration of table “SID – Account ID” to check for any matching User to check against “Windows Login” seem to be presenting problems. So look like delete the local user.]

Your first case could be related to Windows SID History. It can happen if the accounts are migrated from a different Domain and the user already had a Windows Login in Navision before being migrated. The SID in “Windows Login” table will be the old one but the UserID will be resolved to the new one. I have seen this happen but maybe it can also be caused by something else on your situation. I’m not quite sure on the second occurence, but it could be that Developer B’s computer is resolving to a Local Computer Account and Developer A’s computer is resolving to a Domain Account. But I’m only speculating… [;)]

I think Nelson is right, I have seen exactly the same situation, or at least similar, where a user (Active directory) was renamed, then a new user created later wuth the old name.

I know this was old - but it was exactly what I was looking for!