showing TIFF-Images stored in BLOBS with Imaging

Windows Imaging supports a TIFF-Format with more pages in one “.TIF”-File. I want Navision to be able to import these TIFF-Files into a BLOB and to show them in Imaging (Navision should open Imaging and display the picture in it). How can I start Imaging from Navision? Can I pass the BLOBs content to Imaging or do I have to write a file on the filesystem with a dataport and let Imaging open this file? Instead of Imaging, could I also use Windows’ QuickView?(which also displays these files correctly) Converting the Image to bmp is not very useful for my problem because they are able to store only 1 page per file and are approx. 5 times larger (RLE-encoded) This question is not only Navision-related, but if someone could help me I would be very pleased.

You could us a structure like Mytable.MyBlob.EXPORT(TempFile); HYPERLINK(TempFile); My hint is to look how attain handles the attachments in contact managment. You should find all you need to know in the procedures on the Attachment Table. Paul Baxter