Showing item properties


On Sales Orders Page there is a PagePart called SalesLines.

When I add a new line to the order, in No. field I can choose the Item No. from a look-up window. In this window there are two coloumns: No. and Description.

Where can I add more coloumns to this look-up window?

Thanks a lot.

Are you saying on your sales order’s you only have those two fields visible?

Right Click on the header of the “no.” field & select “Show Columns”

Search for “field group” in the C/SIDE Help within the NAV Client.

To add fields to the field groups table

  1. In the Classic client, on the Tools menu, click Object Designer to open the Object Designer window.

  2. In Object Designer, click Tables, select a table, and then click Design to open Table Designer. For example, select table 18, the Customer table.

  3. To open the Field Groups table, select any row, click View, and then click Field Groups.

  4. Select the first row in the Field Groups table, and in the Name field, type DropDown.

  5. In the Groups field, click the AssistButton to open the Field List table.

  6. In the Field List table, make a selection from the fields in the source table. If you want to select more than one row, click on a row, and then use the SHIFT key to select multiple rows. Click OK to add the fields to the Field Groups table.

  7. Close the Field List table, and the Field Groups table. Click Save and Compile.

  8. Run the RoleTailored client to view your changes.