Showing Debit & Credit Columns

Can someone remember how to expose the Debit and Credit Columns instead of the Amount Column? Thanks in advance for your help. Just getting back this week to NAV after 3+ years and can’t find documentation from company on how to do this.


Hi Janice,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group.

Which screen are you talking about Chart of accounts, customer ledger entries…?

On these screen the fields are not available by default (even with Show/Hide) so they just need to be designed on.


If you are talking about showing Debit and Credit in reports based upon the value in Amount field, then use the “BlankNumber” property, In one case BlankNumber : negatives and for other BlankNumber: Positives.

Thanks for the welcome. It’s mostly all the screens, COA, Customer Ledger, Vendor Ledger, Cash Applicaton, etc. I can’t really remember, but when you go thru Designer, don’t you press a function key to get them to show up, like Ctrl F2? Just trying to remember. If you can help, that would be great. Janice

Hi Janice,

Yes it’s Ctrl+F2 (Tools → Designer) if you have form designer on your license. Then use the field menu (Button or View → Field Menu) and highlight the fields. Click on the place to put the fields and then save. You may want to change the visible property of the amount control using Shift+F4 or View → Properties.