Showing a flowfield on a report

I have a report that is tied to the item table. I have a flow field in the item table that looks up the stock keeping shelf no. based on the location filter that is set. On the card it looks great but when I try to pull that up from a report it is blank. I created a global called shelf. If I do shelf := ‘hi’; it shows hi on my report but if I do shelf := Item.“Stockkeeping Shelf No.” it is blank. I’m thinking it has something to do with the flow field. Can someone point me in the right direction? Are there any online resources that I can find my answers?


To solve this problem do the following:

Item.CALCFIELDS(Item.“Stockkeeping Shelf No.”);

And after that either make the SourceExpression Item.“Stockkeeping Shelf No.” or

shelf := Item.“Stockkeeping Shelf No.” and then SourceExpression Shelf.

Thank you! Any idea about some online resources? Besides asking you guys every time?

First you should try searching on this website, I am sure you will find lot of information here. In case you want to learn basics, then I suggest attending some training classes or read manuals.

Once you are done with basics, then please feel free to ask question here. Don’t hesitate in asking, everyone is beginner sometime or other and we are still learning.