Show query parameter values on report

I need to show first and last (or from and to) Tax groups selected by the user in the ‘Sales tax group’ parameter field of the dialog without building a DataProvider class. The report dataset is a query with ranges (Report AOT name:TaxTrans). Path GL > Reports > VAT transactions. Can anybody assist me?

What’s your version of AX? (Please always attach a tag with your version, such as AX 2012, when creating new threads.)

sorry, AX 2012

TaxTrans report seems to be under General ledger > Reports > Transactions > Sales tax transactions in my version.

It’s indeed a query-based report and what you see as dialog fields are query ranges.

I spent some time before with an attempt to somehow extract data from the parameter representing dynamic filters and unfortunately I wasn’t successful (so I at least documented a solution using a RDP class, with which you’re probably familiar). Maybe I missed something, but maybe it simply isn’t impossible.

Thank you Martin. i appreciate your efforts and assistance. RDP it will have to be.